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First of all, I really hate asking for money, but I know that I can’t sustain this server entirely on my own with what we have. This is about the community and making things better for everyone, and lately there have been a lot of requests for a better server solution.

We currently have the best solution available from our current host, but it isn’t enough for the amount of players we’re now supporting. We would need to get a dedicated box (something a little outside of my hobby cash). If you donate and show your support for the new server I can promise you this:

  • All the money will go to maintaining equipment and furthering development.
  • I’m a big believer in the Minecraft/Louis CK business model. Once you donate, you will get all the benefits of “Donator” status permanently, no donation tiering, no “DonatorVIP++”, and no funny business.
  • No minimum amount, but the more you donate, the longer I can sustain the server and development.
  • Being a Donator will be indicated on the subreddit, and maybe the forum, but not on the server. This is mostly because when you randomly run into someone, you can’t immediately judge them, a dynamic we don’t want to disturb.
  • You will get a sneak peek into our development progress before anyone else, and also be able to comment on it before it goes live.
  • You will be added to a donator list on this site, showing your support.
  • Other benefits will be announced as we go along.

This server isn’t about making money, it’s about creating a memorable and challenging experience that pushes the limits of Minecraft and human interaction. If you also want to further the project and see what it will become in the future, please donate and I will make sure that it’s something the minecraft community has never seen before.

Make sure you append the following to the donation:

  • In Game Name.
  • Reddit Screen Name.
  • Donation Name and a message for the donators list.

Thank you for your support.

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Please, no refunds.