Now Accepting Bitcoin!

Want to show your love and help keep Aftermath up and running? We still have the old credit card via PayPal option, but now you can also send us some Bitcoin!

Some cool things about this:

  • anyone, anywhere on the planet can donate, with none of the fees or requirements of credit cards or PayPal
  • no currency conversions or country restrictions
  • any amount is possible, down to a single satoshi (0.00000001 BTC), so if you prefer to send tiny amounts frequently, that’s ok too

Here’s an interesting concept for supporting your favorite games – if you’re a Bitcoin miner, you could donate the coins you’ve mined while playing Aftermath…

Your donation makes a huge impact in our ability to keep improving server performance, and in developing new custom software and features. We’re in the final push for next season’s massive upgrade (our fearless leader spaceribs is getting married, so time is of the essence). Many plugins need to be updated for the latest 1.6 minecraft update too. Every little bit counts, and now with Bitcoin, it’s even easier for many players to give a little amount each.

Server Updated to 1.5.1

Yes, it takes us longer than most. We depend on a lot of plugins (and spigot) to create our Aftermath experience, so we can’t move as quickly as some. We had also figured we’d just wait for the new season, but our architects and developers are still slaving away, so you get a chance to use your hoppers and scrounge up some quartz for a while before we retire this map and introduce the next season.

Launch of the all-new

We’ve migrated to WordPress to allow more of us to manage the content here, as well as offer a lot of new features, information, and tutorials. In order to enjoy the latest and greatest of what Aftermath has to offer, please register an account here on this site! It is crucial that you use your Minecraft in-game name for your username when registering!