We want our community to be part of the creation of the aftermath world. But we also want to keep some basic quality standards for the buildings you can explore in our post apocalyptic world. This is why we have some guidelines and restrictions regarding the creation of buildings and features.



  • Horizontally: The cities are generated with plots. Those plots use minecraft chunks to determine their size (one chunk = 16×16 blocks). 16, 32, 48, 64, 80, 96, these are the possible sizes for the x and z axes. The axes are not dependent on each other. This means a plot can be 32×32 or 32×80 or any other combination. Since plots are placed right next to each other we can’t use the full size of a plot for the building. We need a minimum of one block space to each side so we have gaps between buildings later (for example alleyways between downtown buildings). So the actual maximum size for buildings is always going to be at least 2 blocks less than the plot size. A 16×32 plot for instance would result in a max of 14×30 building size. Of course you should make the building smaller so you can add features such as a front and backyard, garages, pools, fountains, gardens, etc. Attempt to mimic real life plot size and build placement on that plot.
  • Vertically: We have 3 basic size guidelines for different city parts:
    • Lowrise: max 40 blocks (from ground)
    • Midrise: 20-100 blocks (from ground)
    • Highrise: 40-160 blocks (from ground)
  • Plot Edges: Keep plot edges at ground height. Excluding street facing driveways or sidewalk/trail entrances please only use Stone Slabs or Grass for edges of plots. Parks and residential should be grass. Use a smooth natural edging of grass for plots with gravel or similar surfaces (Industrial builds).
  • Basements: Basement depth limit is 40 blocks below ground-level.  However, please keep realistic. We don’t want to see suburb houses with a 40 blocks basement.
  • Proportions: Now that we have our maximum sizes, we need to talk about proportions. These are difficult to define, so we will set a few guidelines:
    1. Skyscrapers: They are mostly 80-160 blocks high which means they should be about 32×48 – 80×80 at their base.
    2. Suburbs: For suburbs we use 16×32 or 32×32 plots where we keep space for front and backyards, garages, pools, gardens, swing-sets, etc.
    3. Townhouses are pretty much the only one for now that use 16×16 plots as they will be generated in long rows.


  •  Room height: This should also be proportional to building size. Large skyscrapers are good to have 4-6 block tall rooms. Some of our Skyscrapers have even 7 blocks tall rooms. The absolute minimum is 3 blocks high. At least 4 would is best.
  • Floor thickness:  Floors should be at least 2 blocks thick. This way you can use different styles for ceilings and floors. A build higher than 30-40 blocks should have 3 thick floors for an electricity layer (for wiring redstone lanterns, left off of course).


  • Restrictions
    1. Wool: Minimize wool usage on building outsides (No | Maximum). Same goes for interiors. Its ok to use it for floor, walls or whatnot. But please not wool+wall+ceiling. This prevents players from coming in and clearing a building with flint and steel.
    2. Netherrack, soulsand, sand, gravel, mycelium, endstone, ice and snow are NOT building blocks. We don’t want to see that in on walls. If you use those materials is should make sense. Like gravel for walkways, netherrack for fireplaces, etc. We even use mycelium in a mart.
    3. Clay: Not on outsides of buildings. But usable for interior walls or ceilings.
    4. Bedrock, Diamond, emerald, iron, gold blocks or ores, enchanting table, brewing stands, ender chests and anvils: No…. just no.
    5. Since paintings and item frames do not count as blocks(but as entities) we can’t generate them (the plugin just can’t do it). So safe yourself some time. Don’t use paintings or item frames.


  • Block diversity is very important. One thing that keeps a build interesting is block diversity. You shouldn’t make your build completely out of stone brick. It looks very boring. But the build also shouldn’t look like a patchwork. Here are a few examples: Too plain | patchwork | good. About 2-3 different blocks is the best choice in most cases.
  • Chests & Spawners: Please do NOT place any chests or spawners. We want to keep control over loot and difficulty so we will place them ourselves.
  • Lightsources: Keep Lightsources at an absolute minimum. Redstone torches are ok, but torches, glowstone, enabled lamps, fire and lava not so much. We want dem
    mobs spawnin’.



  • General: What makes our world so beatiful are the details. So please plan your buildings. As example should skyscraper have elevator shafts, a parking garage/area, maintenance shafts, electricity layers(we describe those a bit later here) etc. Just think about things you wanna build first and maybe gather informations about it first.


  • Stairs: I know stairs are often not that easy. But PLEASE plan your builds in a way so you can use proper stairs. They should be at least 2 wide in most cases. 1 wide stairs are in very few cases acceptable. Mostly when it fits the “atmoshpere” like a little staircase leading into a  small basement of a suburb or something like that. Here are a few examples:
    1. No! One | Two | Three
    2. Okay! One | Two | Three | Four
    3. Good! One | Two
    4. Really good! One | Two


  • Architectural Features: They are nice, but please don’t go too crazy with those. Especially for small builds, keep it modern. (It it of course allowed it it fits the build, say an old fashioned library as example) A little example:
    1. Wrong: Front | Side | Rear
    2. Right: Front | Side | Rear


  • Electricity: Every building higher than 40 blocks has the potential to have some kind of electricity. The easiest way to make this is making the floors 3 blocks thick and using the middle layer for a redstone layout and connecting it to maybe a room or elevator shafts. Example: The redstone layer
  • Hidden rooms & chests: If you plan to have hidden rooms or chests in your builds you need to send us pics & explanations where they are and how to find so we can add the proper chests relative to how hard it is to find. Hidden things are a great way to add unique characteristics to your build!