This is what you see if you type in-game: /help



/help myself:

You have been spawned randomly. Every death means starting over entirely. Zombies are everywhere. No one can hear you now, save yourself. Trust no one, take what you can get. Survive and Protect yourself. Rebuild civilization, or destroy it.

/help talking:

This server uses Realistic Chat meaning you cannot be heard past 50 blocks in normal chat.

/help yelling:

Adding exclamation points at the end of your message yells it further, but also reduces your hunger bar. The most you can yell is with ‘!!!!’ but will reduce your hunger to the bottom.

! = increased range: 100 blocks, cost: 2 hunger

!! = increased range: 500 blocks, cost: 6 hunger

!!! = increased range: 1000 blocks, cost: 14 hunger

!!!! = increased range: 4000 blocks, cost: 20 hunger

/help whispering:

Whispering can be used close to someone for personal messages. (use parenthesis like this to reduce your talking radius to 10.)

/help walkie talkie:

Walkie Talkies can be used to communicate 2000 blocks across the map, hold a jukebox in your hotbar to hear conversations. Hold the jukebox in your hand to speak.

/help cellphone:

/tell is disabled on this server, so you need a cellphone for personal messages across the map. Hold a clock item in your hand and write the name of the person you want to call. The called person needs to take a clock in the hand to establish the connection. Beware: People within 50 blocks can still hear you.

/help zombies:

In this world, zombies are stronger, smarter, tougher. Besides the infections they are able to break certain blocks, pile up netherrack if they cannot reach you, deal more damage, take more hits and do not burn in the sunlight. Be careful around these guys.

/help nights:

All mobs have got an increased aggro range at nights. They also destroy nearby torches (even if it’s day) and the spawn chance for a nearby horde is even greater at night. Make up your own ways to survive the night.

/help infection:

Zombies have a chance to infect you. While infected, you lose 1 heart every 20 seconds and your hunger will deplete faster. To cure the infection you need to eat cookies. Crafting cookies: wheat – cocoa beans – wheat.

/help find beacons:

Your compass can be used to listen in on radio beacons. By holding it in your hand, it will regularly give you messages left by other survivors and allows you to pinpoint their location by right clicking the compass on a block.

/help make beacons:

Radio beacons can be set up to attract people to your base or to leave messages for others. Set up a redstone power source first and attach an iron block to it. Add iron blocks above it to increase the radius of the beacon and attach a sign to the iron block for a message.

/help report hackers:

If you see someone flying around or feel that your base has been x-rayed, please report it using the command /modreq and if a mod is online they will be with you momentarily. Please do not clean up or modify blocks in the area.