1) Can we use high resolution textures packs and shader mods?

Yes, if your computer can handle it.

General rule is no X-Ray, Radar and pretty much anything that will give you an unfair advantage over other players.

The two recommended, but optional mods for this server are 
Rei’s Minimap and ArmorHUD.

  • Rei’s Minimap is useful for having a map and setting Waypoints to popular/important destinations that you visit. Keep in mind that using any minimap that includes Player Radar of any kind is a bannable offence! 
  • ArmorHUD is useful if you’re a PVPer or if you’re clearing buildings as it shows your Armor/Weapon durability.

For more information on other aspects of the game, you can either:

  • Type /help, It’s the in-game FAQ that explains many aspects of the server!
  • Access the Wiki of our subreddit:  http://www.reddit.com/r/spaceribs/wiki/index which has everything (if not, most) of the content from the /help command in-game. There’s also some survival tips there too.
  • You can also post in the subreddit too and the community will help you! If you suspect X-Raying or any offensive/suspicious activity (offensive symbols, item duping, etc.) then make a /modreq in-game and a mod will investigate ASAP!