Getting Started

Few things you should know before starting. read the Help Page¬†and FAQ Page. They should cover most questions but let’s go though some basics to help ensure you enjoy your attempts at survival in the Aftermath.

  • Chatting is “realistic”. That means people can only hear you when you are near. The chat will become garbled or just won’t even show up when you are far away from someone. You can use an exclamation point/s (!, !!, !!!) to yell. The more exclamation points the farther your “voice” will travel. WARNING this will cause your hunger bar to drain. You also might not necessarily want to attract attention to yourself.
  • You will respawn in a random location if/when you die and have not slept in a bed yet. Might be a good idea to ensure your bed is hidden and isn’t sitting out in the open or something. Your bed breaks and you will revert to respawning in a random location if you die. HINT: Make sure you write down the coordinates to your base.
  • Someone you meet may or may not be friendly. They may kill you on sight just because, whether or not they need your loot. Trust is earned. In the meantime, hide yourself and your loot well.
  • Mobs spawners are everywhere, so expect a larger horde…
  • Loot can be found in chests in buildings or dig a hole and mine/craft it the old fashioned way.
  • Zombie might cause infection if it hits you. You will die from this!
  • COOKIES CURE INFECTION. Find cookies in chests or find a jungle to get some cocoa beans and plant some wheat.
  • Clocks can be used as cellphone. You have to hold it in your hand to use it, so be sure you are in a safe place. Kinda hard to have a phone conversation in the middle of a zombie attack. Just type the person’s name. If they have a phone and are available or feel like talking to you they can hold their phone to establish the call. Switching to a different item will end the call.
  • Check us out on Reddit. It is a great place to get to know people and post your creations, fights, raids, or whatever. Most all public discussion happens there.
  • Watch some Let’s Plays to get the feel of the server gameplay.
  • Enjoy and have fun.


  1. No hacked clients / X-RAY / “player radar” mods.
  2. See Rule #1.

Seriously. We have tools in place to submit reports of suspected hacks, we log all activity, and we have active mods who will investigate. Cheating with hacks/x-rays of any kind will get you banned. Period. If you can see or detect other players or their nametags in any manner beyond what your in-game player can normally see or hear, you’re cheating. This includes minimaps which show player / hidden chest / ore locations.